I’m not resolving; I’m promising.

by Melissa on January 1, 2014

This year, I’m not resolving.

I’ve been a resolutioner every single year since I can remember, but this year, I want things to be different. I’m not just deciding to do something…I’m promising to do it.

2013, as many of you know, wasn’t an easy year for me. It started out pretty fabulously, but things fell apart in July and I never really allowed it to get better. At least not for this aspect of my life. My photography had certainly taken the spotlight, and I have to say I’m truly blessed.

But how am I going to continue to follow my dreams, love my family fully, or bring joy to others if I’m not focusing on this insanely capable body of mine?

I took a very difficult time in my life and made it more difficult by giving up on running. Blaming running and myself for what happened only made coping difficult., and I lost sight of every goal I had set for myself and of all the good running has brought me.  Sure, it gets easier as the years go by – as evident in a recent, unexpected PR – but running challenges every single cell in my body and every thought in my mind. It humbles me. It strengthens me. It empowers me. It frees me.

So I’m promising to make running my priority again.

I’ve reflected on 2013 and learned that I can’t always explain why things happen. I know deep down that “things always happen for a reason”, but despite this knowledge, I became unaware that my actions were saying otherwise. I was able to grab a hold of the reigns again by the end of November, and I began getting my act together. I allowed myself to enjoy the holidays without the pressure of getting back to a serious grind. I had a hard time keeping my sights on anything related to my body the last part of the year, and I can’t take that back. What I can do is remember to breathe, allow myself to heal, center myself, and refocus.

So I’m promising to strengthen my yoga practice and meditate often.

I’m promising to heal the damage I’ve done to my body for the last 4 months.

I’m promising to fuel my body with the nutrition it needs to thrive.

I’m promising to forgive myself.

Have patience

I’m promising to throw myself into everything I love, to remain present, and to breathe in everything little blessing.

I’m promising to be fierce.

I’m promising to find inspiration in everything and everyone around me.

2014, I promise, will be nothing short of spectacular – ups, downs, victories, struggles and all.


What do YOU promise to do this year?

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