Friendship & Individuality in the Blogging World

by Melissa on January 30, 2014

Inspired by a quick morning conversation with some amazing ladies I know, I thought I’d take the time to write about something that has been rolling around in my mind for a while. Something that I’ve brought up a number of times over the last several months, and I’m ready to complete my thoughts on it now: blogging. Blogging can be a complicated monster, and there are two things about it that stand out most to me: friendship and individuality. They are two incredibly important things to remember and fuel in the blogging world…because, man, blogging can bring some absolutely amazing people into your life and it can really teach you a thing or two about being yourself.

I took a break from this very large part of my life for a while. I stepped back from my blog and allowed myself the time I needed to heal, the time to find my voice again, and the time to decide what was best for myself. I contemplated changing my blog name and starting fresh. I contemplated making this blog a private, password-protected place for me to write my thoughts. I gave up on ambassadorships. I began to feel my voice weaken and my thoughts turn from positive to negative, despite what my outward appearance. I felt the massive popularity contest in the health and fitness community begin to take me over. I felt disappointment in the direction in which everything was headed take over. I was heading toward imbalanced and disordered. So I left it behind for a while, and I gave myself the time to think about what it was I want. What I wanted my blog to represent. How loud I was willing to let my voice get.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself, aloud
I am but only one person, though, and amidst the mass of bloggers whose voices are loud and have a following far larger than mine, I have decided that it doesn’t matter how loud I get or how many people read what I have to say, I am who I am. I refuse to conform to fit in. My voice represents me. I am unique, opinionated, and I am human. I am not perfect. I am not here to become the most popular blogger. I am here to tell a story. To be true to who I am, to write about my weaknesses, to share my victories amongst friends. As long as I inspire one person here, I’m completely content with what I’ve done here.

And the same goes for my personal experiences. No, I’m not a fast runner. In fact, I stop to walk more than once during a run. (Gasp!) I don’t do Crossfit. I don’t live by the paleo diet. I don’t live off of just fruit. I haven’t participated in over 100 triathlons; I haven’t even done one, and I’m not even interested. I am who I am. You are who you are. I don’t make myself improve my running just because someone called me slow. I work on my running for me. I gain weight. Sometimes a lot. I fall behind. I get terribly unorganized at times. I get moody, I get discouraged, and I fall down. A lot. I don’t jump on a bandwagon; I do my thing, and I bounce back. Every. Time. I am who I am, and when something begins to persuade me otherwise, I need to step back, and that’s exactly what I did for the last few months. Now here I am. Ready to step back into the world of blogging. I won’t be pushing myself to blog every day, because I don’t have the free time I used to. Full time grad student. Photographer with her own business and about to be breaking out into the big, beautiful, romantic world of WEDDINGS! (Squeee! Two bookings in the last three weeks!) Mom. Wife. Daughter, sister, friend. Blogging here will continue to be what I always wanted it to be – a place for me to share my life with others. My ideas, my struggles, my accomplishments, my recipes, and everything in between. You’ll see me now (again) active in the FitFluential community.

I hope to keep seeing the wonderful faces I’ve seen over the years continue to stop by. I hope I inspire new faces to continue to be who they are whether it’s popular or not. I hope to inspire people around me to do what it is that they love to do, even if it means going against the grain. I’m in this personal journey of mine to have a healthy mind and body, and I’m here, blogging, for the friendship and community.

Well…that was all over the place. 😉

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