Finding inspiration in something you wear.

by Melissa on August 30, 2013

It’s Friday…and it’s my birthday!


Though a small part of me wants to say that this year hasn’t lived up to my expectations, for many obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, a large part of me knows that this year has actually brought me many blessings. One more year with my family. One more year of visits from my best friend. One more year of educating myself. One more year of miles (even with my wonderful husband!). One more year of happiness, forgiveness, laughter, love, and inspiration.

Which brings me to something important…something I want more of this year…inspiration.

Finding it and providing it.

For some, it takes something profound to inspire them. For others, even the small things inspire them. Me? I usually fall into that second category. I’ve been known to tear up at some of the simplest things, and while it can be pretty silly, I’m happy being that way. I’ll take easy tears over a mile-high wall any day.

On a daily basis, I find inspiration in the people around whom I surround myself. I find it in their strength. In their ability to let their guard down. In their ability to drive through obstacles that are placed in front of them. I even find inspiration in the little things, like this small token that showed up on my doorstep 30 days ago.

Great things come in small packages

As a gift, The Silver Maple sent me a custom-made necklace using words that inspire me.

Let’s see how well you know me…

what words did I choose?

The first of these words just exudes “strength” to me. It’s a word that comes naturally to some and no so much to others (like me). It’s a word that makes my heart feel fuller for the simple fact that it is the one thing I thought I could not do and is the one thing I proved to myself I could conquer.

The last word is where I hit my (so far) ultimate high. It represents the fact that I not only conquered that first word, but that I didn’t stop. I kept on. I pushed. I cried happy and not-so-happy tears. I gave up, and I stood back up. I prayed.

And I made it.

The second word is a word I plan to make my daily mantra this year. It’s the word that has gotten me to every goal I have ever set for myself. It represents the strength of my will and the power of my heart. It’s why I don’t judge myself for how fast or how slow I am. Why I don’t judge myself if I get it all wrong. It represents one of the traits I love most about myself, because no matter what anyone else says or how hard anyone else judges me, it’s the one part of me that just gets fueled even more.

This year, things will be different. I’ll think my mantra. I’ll whisper it. Scream it even, but most of all…

I will live it.

I will live it with all that I have. I will welcome life’s downs with open arms and slap a big, fat success in its face. I will welcome change even if I fear it. I will leave behind that of which brings me down and holds me back. I will embrace the skin I’m in, and I will live presently and with passion every day.

I will live it. I am unstoppable.

Silver Maple Running Jewelry

From their website:

Personalized, handcrafted, fitness-inspired jewelry made to celebrate you. Jewelry is so much more meaningful when it’s personalized. Our jewelry is made with high quality sterling silver and copper, hand-stamped with love and personalized any way you wish. Celebrate your accomplishments with us. We’d love to help you create the perfect keepsake.

A huge thank you to Diana of The Silver Maple for being so giving. The craftsmanship on the necklace is absolutely beautiful, and I would, and do, recommend the jewelry to everyone I know. When a company goes above and beyond expectations, especially when gifting a stranger a token of their work, it speaks volumes of its mission and the character of its representatives. (For proof, read about The Silver Maple crew here.)

If you haven’t checked them out, please do. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook

The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not compensated for this post.


Did you guess the right words? 😉

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