On my mind Monday: goals.

by Melissa on August 5, 2013

Before I get into what I want to chat about today, I want to thank all of you for your kind, thoughtful words from last week’s post. I’m feeling much more like myself this week, and much of that can be attributed to getting back into a routine. I can tell you that between traveling, eating amazing Chicagoan food, sitting in the car for 13 hours twice in a week, not working out or running, and the loveliness that comes with the m-word, I was not in a good situation prior to last Monday. But I made sure that changed.

Tomorrow is another chance.

I used to write, on a fairly regular basis, about how I’d forgotten how wonderful working out made me feel. (Read: I made excuses not to work out all too often.) I know how wonderful it feels, and I know how normal I feel when I’m moving…pushing. I try very hard not to let life get in the way of routine exercise, and I’ve even gotten my husband fitting in his workouts at night with me, even when we’re both fighting it after a busy day. Exercise. Movement. It can change the way you feel for the better almost instantly.

And man, is it now more than ever.

After everything happened, I spent a substantial amount of time thinking about me. My health. My strength. My mentality. My focus. What I could have done differently. I’ve been doing a lot of praying, for so many different reasons, and been doing a lot of soul-searching. Particularly, in regards to my goals. Of course one of the questions I keep asking myself is if any of this happened because of me. Was I doing too much? Too little? Did I eat something? Not eat something? I know those questions are natural, and I know those questions are…unnecessary and unanswerable. But still.

I’ve thought about how soon I want to “stop preventing” another pregnancy.

I know H is on board with whatever I need…and I love him for that. Tremendously.

So for now, while I refresh my body, strength it, and refocus, I’m setting a few goals.

Cleaner eating.

More strength training than running.


The first is a goal I’ve been familiar with for a long time and from which I tend to find myself straying. I’ve got a strategy, though. I’m not tracking calories – I’m tracking plant intake. I’m shooting for an abundance of color in my diet, avoiding foods with added sugar, continuing to avoid processed foods, and decreasing the amount of fat I eat that comes from animal sources.

The second goal is pretty self-explanatory. I’m laying off the long-distance running for a bit and focusing more on strength and higher intensity, intervaled, short distance runs. I’m already feeling a difference in my back and shoulders, and the difference in my core is already noticeable- it’s engaged more often now than ever.

The third goal is something I’ve been meaning to work into my life for a long time now. I love yoga. Now that I’m living out in the country, though, I’m not as close to a yoga studio as I wish. A home practice is far more doable for me. My problem is this: I’m picky. I’m a beginner, and I can’t do the advanced poses yet, and I love sun salutations. I’m picky about the DVDs I purchase, and when I think I’ve found one I might love, I hate it. I’m on the hunt for great yoga DVDs, so if any of you yogis have a suggestion, please, by all means, fill my comments with them! :)

So there ya have it: my goals. I haven’t talked about them in a while, so I thought it would be fitting to discuss them as I move on from what’s happened. I’ve got big goals lined up, and these are only small steps to where I hope to go.

Leap into darkness to success

QOTD: What goals have you set for yourself recently?

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