Be unstoppable. #FindYourFit

by Melissa on February 28, 2013

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have experienced a time when you have done something because it seemed like the “it thing to do”…or have dived into a plan to prove you’ve got it in you to get it done…or have done something because someone else challenged you. Competitiveness, popularity, challenge…there are tons of reasons why we embark on our fit journeys.

Running happens to be my choice of adventure.

My reason to take the first step?

To prove to myself that I had it in me.

I look back on every every training run, every race, and every spur-of-the-moment jog for clarity, and I see the evolution of what started out as a personal challenge into a true necessity in my life. When I’m not running, I feel tired, unfocused, irritable, and even sad, and everyone around me knows why. Four years ago, I never would have thought I would say that. Me? A runner? Never!! Me? Sad and irritable when I was not running? What a joke! All of that is so very true now. I am a runner. I do get crazy when I’m not running. I am completely and utterly in love with running.

And I run with joy.

I have a lot of friends who think I’m crazy – that running is crazy. That there’s “no way in hell” they would ever take up running. There are all sorts of reasons why some of my friends don’t run: weak knees, weak ankles, no time, it’s boring, being out of shape, “I’m not a runner”, humans aren’t meant to run. I could go on and on about why people don’t run, and that’s cool – so running isn’t your thing. However, running is my thing. (Again, am I really saying this!?!)

…It makes me feel free.

…It makes me feel strong.

…It makes me feel accomplished.

…It makes me feel focused.

It’s my thing, and that’s what I wish others would remember. Not because it bothers me that they don’t run. Not because it hurts my feelings that they hate running. Running really isn’t for everyone. I want others to remember that running isn’t the only way to #findyourfit.

I posted the following on Facebook on Tuesday:

Every time I run, I fall in love with who I’ve become, and that’s something powerful! The thing is, you don’t have to be a runner to feel that way. Find something you love and give it your all, because you’ll find that it WILL have you loving who you have become and who it helps you continue to be. #runnershigh

Be unstoppable. | Live, Love, & Run

It’s really important not only to your physical health but also to your mental and emotional health to pick something that you are drawn to (whether you’ve done it successful or not) and just do it. (Whoever created that slogan for Nike was a genius, yes?) Pick yourself up, put on your shoes – or don’t put on your shoes – and go. Push. Run. Do yoga. Crossfit. Zumba. Walk. Hike. Anything. Do what makes you happy. Find the niche of fitness that makes you passionate. None of it has to be “boring”. It doesn’t have to be about conformity…

what it does need to be about is you.

Find what makes you fall in love with who you become. Find what makes you joyful.

That’s when you become unstoppable.


QOTD: What makes YOU unstoppable?

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