On my blog voice and #BeingIn2013.

by Melissa on January 7, 2013

Something that I fear, and have always feared, is that my words, spoken or written, are misinterpreted. Case in point:

being a slow runner

When I read the quote on this inspiring image, I immediately thought, “AMEN!” and posted it on my blog’s Facebook page. As soon as I posted it, though, I thought, “Shoot! Will it offend anyone who cannot (yet) run a mile without stopping? That’s not what I want to portray here.” I think it’s safe to say that I have a love-hate relationship with the way in which I use my voice.

I find that I’m not the type of person who will advise someone to continue doing something that will bring him or her harm; however, I’ve had to learn to sit back and wait for others to come to me for advice before giving it. It’s incredibly difficult to know when to speak and when to wait. It’s also a very wonderful virtue to possess. There are days when I’m snooping around on a social media platform and see a well-known health and fitness magazine post a photo that portrays a greatly manipulated twist on something that could easily cause a reader harm. And it takes everything I have not to start a fight. (Because, let’s face it, even the most polite rebuttals can start an unwelcome argument these days.)

So when I posted that photo, I commented below it, elaborating a little more on what I really thought, because I hate being misunderstood and what that can do to someone else’s feelings. This blog has been around for three years, and while I hope it has a big future ahead of it, popularity hasn’t been my main priority – but my readers have been. I didn’t start blogging for publicity. I started blogging for me and for others who felt alone in their journeys. I was never in a rush to reach any certain status, and I still don’t push it. I refuse to lose my “voice”. I want my readers to find real life here. I’m not in this for the glitz and glamour and superficial benefits. I want my readers to understand that success has an ebb and flow – that people make mistakes and none of us are perfect. I want my readers to know that you don’t have to don an expensive pair of booty shorts and a revealing (and rather impractical) sports bra with a fabulous necklace and gobs of makeup and indestructible hair to be considered a successful personal trainer, to be beautiful, or to be the perfect representation of “health” or “fitness”. I want my readers to know that you don’t have to have an expansive collection of nutritional supplements to get the body you want. Good health isn’t expensive!!!  I want my readers to know that real health and fitness comes from within and can be found in anyone who wants it. Anyone can be #fitfluential. I didn’t lose as much weight as I have with a coach by my side – and I certainly make mistakes and I certainly still have work to do. I’ve done it myself…with willpower, multiple setbacks, large and small, and the desire to educate myself. I want my readers to know that weight loss is tough and that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

No Shortcuts to goals

This year, I’m going to continue to be open about issues about which I find myself passionate. I’m going to unapologetically change my mind, make mistakes, and tell you how I really feel. I will embrace my slowness, remembering that I, like everyone else on this planet, started somewhere. My goals are different from others’, as is my body. (And you should remember that, too!) This year will be a year of courage…the courage to be what I stand for without fearing what others think. This year will be about discovery, pushing my limits, and just #beingin2013.

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