Workouts, foam rolling, and wordpress problems.

by Melissa on October 24, 2012

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up…I’m having some serious issues with WordPress this week. Navigating through my dashboard has me wanted to tear my hair out – it times out on me every time I need to do something. Cross your fingers this post actually publishes. 😉

I’malmostfeeling 100% again.


As of right now, at 12:46AM, I’m still battling the sinus headache part of this crappy deal. Be warned: if you wake up feeling as though you just chugged a scorching coffee and have brain freeze at the same time, it lasts at least 6 days.

Despite feeling pretty weak, I did have a lot of energy back, so I got a really great full body workout in, circuit style:

Foam rolled for 5 minutes;

Hills on the treadmill for 10 minutes;

Repeated this twice,  with 15 reps:



Plank (1-minute)

Swiss Ball Squat and Curl to Press

Swiss Ball DB Chest Press

Swiss Ball DB Row

Swiss Ball Military Press

Bicep Curls

Tricep Extensions

DB Walking Lunges

Of course I ended it with a good foam rolling and stretching cool down, and I have to say, I feel sore already. However, the foam rolling? It did wonders. I was already feeling the fatigue in my quads just after the workout, running downstairs to run the dryer, so I grabbed the roller and went for it. Here’s what I discovered:

My left calf? In terrible shape. The amount of discomfort I experienced rolling that calf out compared to the right calf was insane.Insane.Which explains the discomfort I felt in my right hip and piriformis. Yowza!! I’ve absolutely been compensating for something, which explains all the pain I’ve been experiencing since the half. I’m assuming that I never conditioned myself properly after that left ankle sprain last year. Oops. I’m definitely going to be working on that. Speaking of foam rolling, I just downloaded the newest RollRelease app, and I’ll let you know how it is…it looks awesome so far!


That’s pretty much it for now. I’m exhausted – the fighting with WordPress, all the assignments I have due this week, the exam I have Saturday, and the certification exam I have next week are all woopin’ up on me. Thank God I’m not fighting with the germs too much now.

Be on the lookout for a recipe later today.


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