Changing up my goals.

by Melissa on October 17, 2012

This may or may not end up being a lengthy post – just giving you a fair warning.

Last week, in addition to addressing my sweet tooth, I had set my sights on a goal of hitting a seven-mile run in order to get on track with training for my next half marathon set to take place on November 18th. Having had to take the time to rest whatever issue was causing the pain I felt during my first half, I’ve been a little behind. I was hoping (and praying) that my legs would remember what seven miles felt like and that it would come back to me with some hard work and dedication.

I’m coming to already on the last leg of studying to get my NASM PT certification, and I’m several semesters into the ACE program, and the more I read, the more I realize that seven miles is just not the smartest thing to set my sights on right now. If I had a few halves under my belt, it might have been far easier for me to reach that goal last week, but I’ve only got one. I’m just getting started…

…and I don’t want to risk never seeing a race like that again.

My heart’s not in this upcoming race for some reason. It’s just not there. I’ve known ever since I mentioned it here that something was missing and that instead, I was secretly worried about just how weak I’d let myself get during training. I wanted this half, yes, but I knew…I knew deep down that I wasn’t going to get there if all I had backing me up was drive. I need more than that backing me up. I need a strong foundation.

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During a quick Facebook conversation with an old high school friend, it was brought to my attention that I’m compensating for something. I still feel some discomfort in my gluteal-area – specifically my piriformis – when I run. Sometimes it’s there when I sit a specific way. Always when I foam roll. (That’s a given, of course. Since when does foam rolling feel amazing?) I sprained my left ankle while running last year.  I’ve been off the same foot for a dog bite. I have major muscle tightness and lack of flexibility in my upper body, especially in my shoulders, and I have some major tightness in my upper traps.

In short, I’m a mess.

I confess. No real strength training going on over here. No yoga. Just running. Again. Running and studying and kids and a house. That’s what I’ve been focusing on.

I’m not a complete mess, however, haha. I’m not broken, just a little weak, and I’m far too smart to just let all of the above issues continue on while I blindly chase a goal just because I want it. I’m not willing to risk injury just for the sake of saying I’ve run two half marathons.

So I’m switching my focus, and I hope y’all are ready to start seeing the nitty gritty on here. I’m putting it all out there in terms of workouts and progress and aggravations, because just as with my training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago, I need your support, your feedback, and the accountability. Desperately. So there you have it – no half marathon this fall. Bummer.

Having to take a break from a specific training plan to focus on a strong foundation doesn’t make anyone any less of a runner. It makes them a smart runner. Runners are still runners even if we’re not racing. I had to actually convince myself of that at one point a long time ago…isn’t that crazy? So, for now, I’m going be a runner that’s just being.

My main goal? Strength.

I’ll elaborate on it more in my next post because I’m in planning mode, but I had to get my thoughts on refocusing out there. I’m still going to run, of course. I’m going to strengthen my body properly, I’m going to focus on the right training runs, and hopefully, just hopefully, with a few months of serious focus (184 days to be exact) I’ll be stronger, lighter, quicker, and ready for this:

I absolutely want this 13.1.

And I want Chicago in 2014. Not the 13.1. The whole 26.2. Thanks, Jess! I blame you and Scott. 😉

You know I could never go without goals…

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