The Weekly Chase

by Melissa on June 24, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate for setting SMART goals and for calling on others for support. Since I started this blog in 2009, I’ve found that in terms of setting goals, the more people that know about them, the better. Why?

  • Your goals are public. This means you’ll instantly feel accountable for your goals when others know what you’re up to and where you want to go. It stinks when you have to say, “I didn’t even try.”
  • You find out that you’re not alone. 99.9% of the time, if you make your goals public, you’ll find that you aren’t alone in your battles. You know the saying “misery loves company”? Well, guess what? Victory loves company, too.
  • You form a support system. It’s no mystery that when you form a support group, whether it’s to overcome addiction or to lose weight, you’re surrounded by others willing to help you get there. You learn new things. You make new friends. You reach your goals.

I’ve decided to try something out. We need to start something called The Weekly Chase. I’ve talked about chasing down my goals so much recently, with my upcoming very first half marathon. I made the decision to set the date for this goal and announced it on here. From that point on, I have been reaching goal after goal and have been incredibly grateful for the people who have helped lift me up and cheer me on. I’ve gotten some tough love. I’ve gotten some crucial training advice. I’m reaching my goals because I made them public. That’s what The WeeklyChase is going to be about – connecting bloggers with other bloggers to help each other reach our goals.

setting goals, goals, chasing goals

Here’s how I hope to see this work:

  1. Every Monday, bloggers will post at least one (1) goal that s/he would like to reach that week. It can be for anything – weight loss, eating habits, training goals, organizing your home, finishing a project, whatever. Your choice.
  2. Include the Weekly Chase badge on the post to help you link up to other bloggers that are chasing down goals for the week. I’ve made four badges for you to choose from (so any fellas that want to join in can) and I’ve included the code for each.
  3. Visit my Weekly Chase post every Monday so you can link up your post! This gives you the chance to peek in on other bloggers and form some awesome support systems.
  4. After the initial Weekly Chase post, make sure you include how you did on your goal for the previous week. The whole goal of this project is to get a wicked support system rolling and to help lift each other up!
  5. Tweet about your goals with the hashtag #weeklychase to see when others have posted, to fill everyone in on your accomplishments, or just to get a little extra push!

The Badges.

weekly chase, goals, setting goals

weekly chase, goals, setting goals

weekly chase, goals, setting goals

weekly chase, goals, setting goals

weekly chase, goals, setting goals

weekly goals, weekly chase, goals


(I may or may not have had too much fun making badges. Hehe.) Just copy the code into your post, visit my weekly chase post, and add your link!

There ya go. The chase starts tomorrow.

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