Monday Runspiration – 4 Weeks Out

by Melissa on June 25, 2012

You see this sucka?

humid, hot, humid running

That was the temperature at 6:30 Saturday evening…and it was humid. I mean like walk-outside-and-instantly-feel-your-face-melt-off humid. But, I’m crazy and I hadn’t made the time earlier in the day to get my run in, so I went for it.

I pulled up to my usual parking spot, got out, stretched a little, and, well, ran.

The route I take from there requires a slight decline that curves to the left and then forks off. You can either take a left and go uphill and then down and around to the bridge or you can continue on for about the same distance, just much flatter and reach the bridge. That day, I decided to take the hill. Who am I?

running, find yourself


Just before I got to that fork, a man about my father’s age (mid-50’s) came toward me. He wore a shirt decked out in sponsors, so I’m assuming the man’s a pretty seasoned runner. I had to decide if I should stop and jog in place until he went past me or if I should sprint out in front of him. I chose the second option and smiled a big friendly smile as I did so.

I got up that hill, smiling big thanks to one more hill conquered, and I suddenly hear someone next to me. It’s him. The guy I just passed. I turned to look at him, worried about the fact that he turned around to catch up with me, and this is what I heard him say:

“You looked amazing coming around the corner!!! You make it look so easy and enjoyable. I just wanted to tell you that.”

Did you read that? Here, let me write it again, because I still can’t believe it.

“You looked amazing coming around the corner!!! You make it look so easy and enjoyable. I just wanted to tell you that.”

Someone just told me, me that I looked amazing running. That I made it look easy and enjoyable. Ohmigosh!!! He then asked me if I were training for anything, and I explained that I had my first half marathon coming up. He proceeded to tell me again how enjoyable I made it look and how I must have been running a lot lately, because of how easy I made it look.

I told him he made my day, and he smiled and turned back on his way.

Someone went out of his way by turning around to tell me that.

I still can’t believe how awesome it was to hear those words when this has been the most difficult, most rewarding personal journey of my life. (Besides kids, of course.) I’ve cried and sweat and been injured and pushed and someone had just told me I made it look easy.

strength, persistence, power


It just goes to show you that chasing your goals pays off – that with hard work, persistence, and faith you can achieve whatever you want in life.

Then, one day, someone might tell you that you make it look so easy…and then you smile, thank them, and laugh to yourself.

Oh, if you only knew what I’ve been through to get here. 

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