Be A Comeback Kid

by Melissa on February 22, 2012

What is failure?

Seriously think about that question. I know I have asked myself that same question a million times in my life…but never when I didn’t feel like I was failing. I’ve always asked it while I’ve fought battles with discouragement and disappointment. But that all changed two days ago.

I received a comment from Cherie the other day that really struck me. It was simple. It was real. It made me cry. In response to my post about being tested, this is what she wrote:

“From what I have gotten to know about you, you are one comeback kid. Whatever knocks you down, doesn’t knock you out and you rebound better than ever and more determined. “


I’ll be honest with you, I was afraid to write another post about how something knocked me down, and that I was trying my hardest to get back up. I was afraid you, my inspiring readers, would read into my post as me being weak and easily taken down. It was like Cherie knew, in some strange way, that her comment was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time. And I was am grateful. So really…

What is failure?

In all my life, I’ve asked that question when I’ve been knocked down. I’ve asked that question in an entirely different context, and it usually came out as why am I such a failure? If you ask yourself that question when you’re on your knees begging for help or a moment of clarity or doubting who you are and how far you’ve come, you’re going to give that word an entirely different meaning, aren’t you?

I’ve gone through some shit. In the beginning, it was brought on by my own desire to just give up, and now, the only thing that really seems to knock me down are tests that life throws at me. Like a big, fat dog bite. Or a rolled ankle. Or things that just need to be put at center stage for a little while (like family).

I’ve always seen those moments of getting off track or being sidelined as my own problem with weakness. With failure. Yet, when Cherie said what she said, it made me really think about who I am and where I come from. Never in my life, until recently, did I see my many attempts at being fit, active, and healthy (especially in the world of running) as a time when a comeback kid was being created.  A comeback kid that comes back stronger each time. I saw it as weakness. I saw it as failure. I was beginning to accept it as inability. Take my advice, don’t do that.

If you really think about it, not many people succeed at everything they do, every time, the very first time, do they?

If something goes wrong, they either pick themselves right back up or the quit. Resilience: practice some.

Giving up is failure. Trying again is not.


Asking yourself about failure at a time when you’re not feeling discouraged or disappointed changes everything about the way you see yourself and your efforts. Giving yourself the chance to relax, evaluate, and reorganize gives you the chance to see the truth: that you haven’t failed. It gives you the means to stand up and try again…

and to conquer.

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