Weekly Rewind

by Melissa on January 23, 2012

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve gotten a really late start to the day. I was in class for most of the morning/around lunch time and getting the kiddos settled and ready for the day.

I have some great news, though! I need to bite my tongue once in a while, because after the other day’s tiny little pity session, I got to take my weekly measurements. Drum roll please…


I’m thrilled! Are you thrilled? I’m thrilled. Hehehe. Hard work pays off. More to come in another post. 😀 For now, let’s rewiiiind.


In case you missed me:

Evolution of a Runner: Part 1

Recipe: Chicken Vindaloo

On logging my food.

Picking up speed.


Link Love:

Determined. To be… – Stories that define me: facing fears. I love personal growth stories. Love them. They bring me so much joy, and this one is one so many of us can relate to.

Eat, Run, Live – I’m a Marathoner. One picture. No words. It really says it all. So much pride. Congrats, Adrienne!

Angry Trainer – Angry Issues: Which Do You Prefer – Home or Gym Workouts? Ah…the debate I have with myself all the time.

Cherie Runs This – 75 Pounds of Inspiration I get joy out of seeing people work hard for their weight loss. True effort. Congrats, girlfriend!



Monday: 2.5-mile run, upper body [BFL]

Tuesday: 2.0-mile run [BFL]

Wednesday: 2.0-mile run, lower body [BFL]

Thursday: 2.25-mile run

Friday: Tai Chi, upper body [BFL]

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 2.5-mile run [BFL] (made a speed PR!!! 2.5 in 24:56!)



Easy Chicken & Bean Fajita Enchiladas:

healthy chicken enchiladas, fajitas (recipe to come)

Shrimp & Avocado Salad:

shrimp, avocado, ceviche

Steamed Butternut Squash & Carrots (I’m addicted):

butternut squash, carrots

Roasted Grapes & Pears over Cinnamon Mashed Sweet Potatoes (inspired by How Sweet Eats):

roasted grapes, pears, mashed sweet potatoes (recipe to come)

Happy Monday. 😉

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