Thanksgiving lessons…& humor.

by Melissa on November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving was filled with some major cooking, some life lessons, and quite a bit of hilarity. How was yours?

(Get ready for some pictures!)

I started Thanksgiving on Wednesday with some baking with the two best assistant chefs in the world:

Barefoot Contessa who? Who needs her when you have two barefooted princesses??

The girls helped me bake up a Brown Butter & Vanilla Pecan Pie:

a Vanilla Bean Pumpkin Pie:

some Parmesan-Cheddar Sage Biscuits:

and some amazing Brown Butter & Pecan Cranberry Sauce:

The bloopers didn’t start there, thank goodness. They all happened on Thanksgiving, of course!

First, instead of going with my Grandma’s stuffing recipe, I thought I’d try something new for hubby’s sake: he hates onions and celery. I had gotten my daily How Sweet It Is email and, of course, drooled. Double Bread Stuffing with Brown Butter, Bacon, & Sage. Holy heck, if you’re looking for a new recipe…choose this. PLEASE.

Of course it called for all sorts of oniony craziness, so I stuck with just the leeks for the sake of the husband.

Um. He didn’t like that. So much that he even gagged in my kitchen! (Come to find out the dramatic approach to my leeky-smelling amazingness was triggered by an all-day stomach issue. Phew!) Blooper #1.

Then. My sweet potato peels clogged the kitchen sink. Aren’t garbage disposals supposed to prevent that? Blooper #2.

In the middle of that little ordeal, I placed a stick of butter in my mixing bowl…with some nice, beautiful, tender boiled sweet potatoes on top. I turned my Kitchen Aid onto the lowest setting…turned my back for one second to throw something out and I hear:

Thump, splatttt!

Dear God, what now?

Somehow, on the lowest setting, an entire sweet potato-covered stick of butter flew out of my mixing bowl and about three feet out onto the floor in the middle of my kitchen. Really? You couldn’t have landed just beneath the bowl on the floor or the counter, right? It somehow landed in the middle of my kitchen. Blooper #3.

Then, I opened the oven to remove the foil from the turkey.

Warning: I only take I’m-the-perfect-chef pictures. Haha.

My turkey was literally a beautiful work of art…that decided to fart out How Sweet’s stuffing…all over the roasting pan. I think I stuffed my turkey too much…because it had a massive blowout…just like the littlest princess of the house, Cinderella.  Dress up clothes in the wash? Check. World’s weakest turkey? Check. Bloopers #4 & #5.

Blooper #6 came when I figured out at carving time that my turkey actually did come with a giblet bag and not just a neck. (Seriously…Butterball could you please put the bag of giblets with the neck from now on? Why do I have to probe two ends of a turkey? That’s just cruel and awkward!)

Dinner was amazing, despite my gassy turkey and my possessed sweet potatoes. I did miss my mom and sisters and grandparents tremendously…and I did have to leave the table to sob in my bedroom. Only once, though.

After dinner, we finished Durham Christmas Phase One:

And spent some time with my Dad. Broken heart? Check.

From that point on, I spent the night with Herrick and the girls…making the start of another wonderful Christmas filled with memories:

After that, I snuck a phone call into my grandparents. My grandma was having a good day…it seemed as though she actually remembered who I was yesterday. (Thank God, because if she refused to get on the phone with a stranger yesterday, I think I would have lost it completely!)

It was a great conversation with some very wise people I love. My grandpa reminded me that even though we’re not all together, it was the beginning of a time when Herrick and I could create our own traditions. So true. It made me realize that despite the somewhat large hole in my heart when my family is missing…we get to focus most of our attention on something very, very important: our family of four. With that peaceful thought in my head, I finished off the night with some quiet Christmas music and this beautiful scene (minus the ornaments):

I hope you all had a wonderful day. <3

**Anything in bold will be followed with a recipe!!!

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