a post of prayer.

by Melissa on June 22, 2011

Even though I’m not the most up-to-date commenter in the blog world, I can say this: there are a lot of blogs out there written by authors that I truly admire.

I was going to write a post about my thoughts on “healthy living” blogs after reading Susan’s post from this morning. Her words touched me, because there are so many blogs out there that are dubbed “healthy living” blogs by their authors…when in reality, that title’s used too loosely. Susan had really hit it on the head when she explained that healthy living isn’t about running millions of miles or eating the perfect amount of calories. It’s about your lifestyle as a whole…the way you deal with stress, the amount of rest you get, etc.

If you didn’t read the post, you should. Susan, you hit the nail on the head…and what I planned on saying via comment was that you should consider yourself a healthy living blogger! Why? Because in my eyes, although a lot of blogs out there are beyond what most of us would consider healthy, there are many blogs, like yours, that don’t focus on the calories and running and push ups. They focus on balance. So while it may seem like so many out there aren’t examples of “healthy living”, yours is, and your readers see it that way. Maybe we could call you a “balanced living” blogger. :)

So while I’ve been prepping to write a post in regards to the above, I got an email. The Great Balancing Act’s balanced living (:)) author has cancer.


A mass around the main vein to her heart…found randomly because her neck hurt and her mother told her to go to the doctor.

She’s 25.

I read her emergency post about what was going on today, and I wanted to cry for her. I don’t know her in person, we’ve commented on each others’ blogs once or twice, but I still feel a connection to a lot of the beautiful women in this healthy (balanced) blogger world. Including Susan. We all have something in common, and knowing one of us is suffering through the anger, denial, sadness, and pain of hearing the word “cancer” just kills me.

So even though we’re not close friends or know each other outside of a few passing words, I will keep her in my prayers. Always.

Lord, hear our heartfelt prayer
for the healing of our sister.
We pray for your mercy,
Your compassion, Your grace and Your love,
in making her whole and well again.
Make the work of those treating and helping her
full of Your perfection,
and grant her a quick and complete recovery.
Lead and guide those around her
to provide what she needs: encouragement,
assistance and support.
Lord, we pray that you will
wrap Your loving arms around her,
giving her comfort, strength and peace,
drawing her ever closer to You,
as you lead her through this trying time.

Joanna Fuchs

You’re in my thoughts and prayers, Susan.


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